I am a chilean visual artist. Bachelor in Fine Arts and Master in Media Arts from University of Chile.

I have worked in diverese audiovisual and advertising projects as art director and digital editor. I am also a university and school teacher.

As an artists, since 2006 I have performed exhibitions of videoart, photography and art installations. The key concepts of my work are the relationships between art, nature, and science, as a reflection on the paradigms of progress in the contemporary society. This is expressed through different approaches and materials, like electronic systems, digital programming, the audiovisual, organic elements and mainly the light and its aesthetical properties.

In Chile, I have exhibited in the Museum of Visual Arts of Santiago, The Contemporary Art Museum of Santiago and Valdivia, among others. In the international, I taked part in collective exhibitions of videoart and videoinstallations in Canada, Mexico and United States.





2020. Atelier Güell Art Gallery. Solo exhibition, Meditative Symbiosis. Barcelone, Spain.

2019. Ars Electrónica Festival. Exhibitor artist with the artwork Meditiative Symbiosis. Linz, Austria.

2019. Media Arts Biennale. Selected exhibitor artist on Cava Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

2019. Contemporary Art Museum. Solo exhibition, Meditative Symbiosis. Santiago, Chile.

2018. Contemporary Art Museum of Valdivia. Solo exhibition. Valdivia, Chile.

2018. The Cube Art Project. Videoart exhibition. Railyard screen at Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.

2017. Bellavista Art Gallery. Solo exhibition, Meditative Symbiosis. Santiago, Chile.

2014. Contemporary Art Museum Collective exhibition of media arts. Artwork Arboreal Spectrum Santiago, Chile.

2011. Arte-Espacio Gallery. Multimedia art exhibition Short Films From The Farm. Santiago, Chile.

2011. Matucana 100 Cultural Center. Collective Video installation Canal Remoto. Santiago, Chile.

2009. Citypulse. Participation on International Electronic Art Show. Francia, Switzerland, Argentina and Chile.

2009.  Matucana 100 Cultural Center. Collective Video installation Chile Channel. Santiago, Chile.

2006.  MAVI (Visua Arts Museum). Installation Trill/Ring. 1rst Show MAVI Young Artists, Stgo, Chile.

2006.  Gated Communities. Internation videoart project. Montreal, Canadá.

2006.  6DOFMUESTRAPUEBLA06. 2nd Show of cinema and experimental video. Puebla, México.




2020. University of Barcelona, Elisava design school and Fablab Barcelona (ESP). Meditative Symbiosis Talk: transdisciplinarity at the crossing art-science

2019. Ars Electronica Festival 2019 (AT).Talk: Chilean artist at Ars Electronica. Linz, Austria

2019. University of Los Andes (CL). Conference: Transdisciplinary at the intersection of art-science. Second Art-Science Symposium

2019. Contemporary Art Museum(CL). Conference: The challenges in the epistemological intersection of art and science. Campo Abierto Seminar

2018. Alberto Hurtado University (CL). Conference: The transdisciplinary in the classroom, an encounter between philosophy and visual arts

2018. University of Chile (CL). Lecture: Abstract thinking in childhood. A transdisciplinary research between art and philosophy

2016. Espacio Fundación Telefónica (CL). Talk "With the photography face to face". Photography Month's Sessions




2019-20. Fondart. Founds awarded for exhibition and dissemination of Meditative Symbiosis in Barcelone. Ministry of the Cultures, the Arts and the heritage.

2019. Selected artist commission Chilean Artists at Ars Electronica Festival 2019. DIRAC Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Ministry of the Cultures, the Arts and the heritage

2018-19. Fondart. Founds awarded for Creation and Production. Meditative Symbiosis project: Exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum. Ministry of the Cultures, the Arts and the heritage.

2007. Selected artist, exhbition on 1rst competition MAVI Young Artists